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Originally Posted by Staverous View Post
Does anyone else have an idea for a trap or some other device to be used in the field.
Me and another guy here had were going to try following the plan for the PVC pipe IEDs.

1/2" pvc around 6" long cut at an angle to make a spike to stick in the ground, other end in a coupling 1/2" to 3/4" then a 1' 3/4" pvc pipe with a 45 coupling on top to make up the externals.

Internally there was to be placed a small round metal object (Something that would sit inside the 3/4" pipe but sit on top of the 1/2 pipe.) a spring and a second small round metal object (Ideally a milimeter less than 3/4")

Compress the spring and find a decent location to drill a hole and place a 'pin'.

Pin holds the spring down and is tied to make a tripwire. the pin (inside the pipe) the second small round metal object sits on top of the spring (with the pin either on the spring or on top of this piece) and has an ammount of bb's on top. When the wire is 'tripped' the pin is pulled, spring tension released and the bb's are shot up into the 45 coupling for a directional spray.

Let me go now to MS paint to give you a visual.

Light gray-PVC pipe
dark gray-Couplings
Yellow- Small round metal objects
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