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Originally Posted by johjoh View Post
Well first I am not sure were to post this, so I put it here

Tired of wasting those 4 last BBs in your magazine when play? and some can get quite expensive for plastic spheres.

Well I was wondering if any of you guys out on the field ever tought of using those crappy Wal-mart green BB's to put as the last 3-4 (depending on magazines) inside at the end so you dont waste more money on those .28g witch is perfect for outdoors but they get costly after a while if your the kind of trigger happy

Has anyone done this before? anyone tought about? (that im sure)

See there might be a purpose for those craptastic BB's lol
I've done it for years, load up 4 to 20 red 0.12g BBs in my mags to let me know when I'm really low on ammo, saves me from dry firing with the visual and sound changes, and have actually gotten a couple kills with them (try getting a kill by dry firing).

Hehe, read the above posts, I guess this is one reason I stand out among others, never had a problem with cheap ammo, and another benefit is some of my mags will hold the last BB when totally empty, so when you do tactical reloads (partially spent mag swapped for a full one), I KNOW which mags in my dump pouch are empty and which ones still have a dozen or two rounds left in it when ammo gets down to pucker factor levels............ of course, I still have my G19 and 8 mags loaded with heavy BBs.............

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