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I have always gotten my may take 3-4 weeks..who gets here eventually. This generation of I want it and I want it now is just incredible. Have some patience people. There are enough accounts of EB on ASC and they all say the SAME THING, every one of them. I have never requested a tracking number from them but it always get's here without a paypal dispute or a multitude of emails to EB to demand better service. I think what some of you forget is the cultural differences between them and us here in the west. Their business etiquette is lax to say the least but in the end they always seem to come through. Same thing goes for the Customs and CP threads's the price of doing business outside of Canada. There is NOTHING free in life and paying duty an taxes is just one of those nasty little things that us as adults have to face up to. <end> Rant</end>
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