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EBAYBANNED - Vest, Uniform, Holster .....


One of my friends is in China for a while right now and I figured it will be easier if Paul from EBAYBANNED would to ship my order to my friend's China address using express post (which i will pay extra).
Hear are what I am ordering:
- A MC combat BDU set
- A tactical vest
- A tactical gloves
- A BDU set
- A belt with dump pouch

My friend is a little bit worry to come back to Canada with all of these stuff. I told him that I think all of these products are ok and should not be a problem to get thru Canada. Please, anyone correct me if these products are ok to come to Canada and especially he said to me products like the holster and the vest.

Thank you in advance for your help and infos.

I support Capital Airsoft!
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