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My origional setup

Galaxy mp5 ris (stock, Works well! fps = 330 w/.2) 300$
box of 5 mags 50$
Cadpat uniform 80$ (Least i think thats what i paid bought it off someone I know on my local board)
German military boots surplus 40$
Cadpat Vest with Camelback 60$ (got a free Cadpat hat as well)
Goggles 25$ from walmart
Curling gloves Black 20$ (love em padding in all the right places save my hands a few times)

total 575$

hell this buys me 2 bags of bastards for the gun and im still under 600$

Just proves if you look around you can do anything for under 600$

I'll be it my kit is way over this now, but this kit is still used sometimes (although I usually rent out the gun).
You realy think so? I totaly agree! with what I'm not sure yet but I'll bet that I'll find out.
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