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Ebay Banned

Well, This the first time I have EVER had a issue with a retailer.

So I get my tax return and planned on finally getting gear.
I see Ebay banned has almost everything I need. spare a new selector switch.

So I dump about 400 CDN on them.(March 2nd)
A few DAYS go by and no tracking number. so, I request one.
They quickly respond with one that doesn't work. not under Hong Kong post or Canada (they gave me the Hong Kong site).
So I e-mail them about it and they respond.
"Please check later"
Ok,No problem. It might take a day or two.

A week later. Still nothing. So I ask. If not only has my order been shipped but if they could check the tracking number again as it doesn't work. I get this.

"it was shipped out

Please check it later



Ok, umm what about the tracking number. That doesn't work.

so I figure f-it ill wait until next Friday :/.

Checking every day with the same tracking number, notta.

So Today (march 13th/09) I E-mail them again.

"Ok,My order number is 23628 now I know how tracking numbers work so please don't tell me to "check it later" I have been checking it for the last two weeks almost.
ether you wrote the tracking number down wrong or you have not sent it.

the tracking number you gave me was CP812833269HK And it does NOT show up under both postal sites you gave me.
Hell, Ehobby asia's order I placed two days later not only gave me a tracking number that worked. but arrived today.
Were as yours. is still no were to be seen,tracked or heard of.

Please double check the tracking number and resend it to me."

there Response was
"it is coming to you

you will receive it soon



so ummm. tracking number? Notta, and yes, My Ehobby Asia Whom I hear is WORSE then Ebaybanned came in without an issue.
And for the record I was WORRIED about Ehobby,Not Ebaybanned.

And Nothing on my purchase was restricted.
Kraken Ak-47.(New Paintjob)
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