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Originally Posted by BKHKMP5 View Post
Update, airsoft buddy finally gets back to me. They tell me that their email server was down for 10 days, which is BS! Because they've been in contact with a friend of mine who ordered WE pistol mags. Anyways, they now tell me that they don't have certain items in stock and will ship out my items within 5 days from now. WTF, they kept telling me that my item was shipped and that I will get a tracking number. They've been telling me this for weeks! And now today I get an email from them telling me basically nothing has been shipped. I filed a claim against them and I should be getting my money back shorty.

Just a warning to everyone. These guys are full of S*IT! Don't deal with them if you don't have to. Just a huge waste of time. I have a buddy who's currently in HK now, he placed in order with a local shop and got my parts for me in 3 days. What a joke...

Sorry to bring up an old thread. I ordered from Airsoft Buddy and had some problems. Their communications were horrible, I emailed them about 5 times threatening a PayPal dispute. The day I was going to make a claim with PayPal I received my parts. I wouldn't order through them unless you use PayPal.

The o-ring I bought was slightly over sized. I fixed it with a bench grinder, it smoothed out the o-ring evenly and worked great.
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