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Originally Posted by DJBackfire View Post
I have a vest from EHobbyAsia and I think it is pretty good for what I paid for...Its the EA Gear CQB vest in CB. I would have to say it is a static vest and I will be getting a MOLLE setup when I actually get the money for it. Also thank you for that list of links, I will use them too
Its all in what you like I'm going back to a set load bearing vest a LBT (London Bridge trading Company) 1961a And thats cause they are light. I love my ciras to bits but somedays I really hate its weight. But as long as everyone finds what works for them that is the golden ticket.
The biggest thing to remember is that you do not need to have the latest gear that's in Ghost Recon, or COD or whatever bullshit game. Because if it doesn't even make sense to you design wise why should you wear it? just my 2 cents.
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Imagine ads for semen restaurants. I can see it now... "Come to Seminal Sam's, where you can eat loads without blowing all your wad..."

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