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Heres a little review on it so far, after 2500 rounds through it

first- external: everything on the outside of the gun is metal exept the hand grip, foregrip, and stock. the fire selector switch i thought was plastic until i scratched some paint off to reveal either steel or aluminum. the fire selector switch clicks into place positivley and wont go anywhere unless you move it. the charging handle and forward assist button are non functional but are solid and still movable. the dust cover is also metal but has the spring reversed so you have to hold it open which is alright. the handgrip has a heatsink and a flathead motor adjustment screw rather than the normal allen key screw. the stock at first is a little sticky but after a while it works really well, the outer barrel has a powder feeling to it which is really nice because when you scratch it you can just rub it off unless its a deep cut. the flashhider is steel and has a small allen key screw on the bottom so you cant take it off until you unscrew it, under the flash hider is a ccw screw (for people who dont know, it unscrews right instead of left) the flash hider has a really bright glossy orange which pisses me off because the rest of the gun is either a matte black or a powdery dark grey. the carrying handle is all metal and is very easy to adjust to windage and elevation. the recievers have a lot of trades that are somewhat nice but not realistic, but the trades are laser engraved. each gun/reciever has their own serial number (mine is #5567) i would prefer the trades to be all black like the plastica series but they are still nice since the magnesium has a mixture of black in it so the trades look like there fading. the stock is a normal le stock. the actual gun is really balanced because i can stand the gun up on the butt off the stock and it wont fall over, also i can balance the entire gun on the end of the magazine so that only the bottom of the mag is touching the floor. the magazine is the same powdery gray as the barrel and has a capacity of 450 as G&G claims, there are no feeding problems whatsoever but enough mag wobble to piss you off but nothing a little electrical tape wont fix, also the gun can take a wide variety of mags like dboys, MAG, magpul, star, G&P, KWA you know the deal. the first time i took off the flash hider there was some glue to keep you from taking it off but the glue was unsuccessful because they only put a drop of glue on and it was really flaky glue.
The externals of the gun are outstanding and i give it a 9/10 because of the trades and the sticky stock

Now for internals: to tell you the truth im a little sceptic about opening the gearbox up but i know their are 8mm bearings and the gears are not pot metal but cut steel, the barrel is a 6.04 tightbore which is really acurate with the hop up adjusted just right (which it already was when i got it) the hop up dial is really stiff and has to be forced to turn but it will probaly loosen up after a while. the hop up is plastic but is very good for a plastic hop up and wont need to be changed out, also it is a green color like the grass. the gun has really fast trigger response and a crazy rof with a powerizer 9.6v 2800mah nun-chuck battery which goes in the foregrip, (forgot to mention in the external section that all the plastic parts are fiber reinforced, i know this because you can see pieces of silver string in the plastic) to dissasemble the gun you have to unscrew the rear reciever pin with 2 flatheads on each side kindof like the KWA, but the front pin is a slide out. after you take the pins out you pull on the charging handle and slide the top reciver forward. i dont know what else to say so ill sum it up now
i give the internals a 9/10 also but thats because i havent got into the gearbox yet to actually see whats "inside" the gun

all in all this is a great gun for the $280CND i paid for it not including the extra mags and battery+charger. i reccomened this gun to any one who wants a good reliable gun begginers or pros, i know there are a lot of better guns out their but for the price you cant complain, also the gun does make a different sound than the normal sewing machine sound but its not a stressful sound its more of a computerized sound kinda like the systema, also it comes with barrel tool a really nice manual thats made out of glossy paper, a cleaning rod, a front sight adjustment tool and a barrel cover which is a reddy orange color.

k well thanks for reading my review hope you liked it
if there are any other questions you can pm me
almost forgot it goes around 350fps with .20s (it goes through both side of the can and pierces the bottom center but sticks to the bottom side of the can beside the rim. also whatever you can see you can hit aslong as its inside of the 100m range after that the wind starts blowing the bbs around abit.

the gun is not light weight it weights more than a KWA by just alittle bit though
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