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AI - Tornado Grenade Review.

Well my very first impression of this product was not good, the filling valve leaked and I had to take out the valve and reinstall it, now seems to be not leaking. After I was finished with that problem I found out that the grenade had a timing problem that was very dangerous. When I pulled the pin and thrown the grenade it did not go off after 4 seconds, so I waited about 3 min and when I picked up the grenade it went off in my hands. After a few 15 or 20 hits I brought the grenade back into the house and figured that it needs a little more lube. After the Tornado lube job I then tested the product again with better but still slow results. I set the charge for 4 seconds again, and the grenade went off at around 10-15 seconds. Iím thinking that the problem might be the tempature outside (About -10c)? But Iím not 100% sure. The grenade itself is a very sturdy design and I believe in giving everything a second and fair chance. I will try it this weekend when it warms up to about 7c and see if the timing is a little better.

If you have similar problems or have suggestions please share.

Thanks for reading

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