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Originally Posted by Nick_273 View Post
yeah, thats what we've been doing so far... its great fun but we wanted to change things up a little. got any ideas for a slight variant of that?
not really 2v2 but here are some 4 man and 2 man game ideas i came up with in like ten seconds lol

survival (3v1) one player gets a strong position to defend and has to fight off the 3 advancing players

duel (2 players at a time)
a ten pace duel with pistols

tag team

2 players face off at a time with the other two on standby when one player is eliminated the other player enters the game

i imagine this would have to be a smaller area so as not to slow down the gameplay

very basic but could be fun

you could do little things too like limit ammo down to 30 rounds per person to give you a more slow paced firefight

im sure ill think of some more hope that helped a little

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