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2 vs. 2 games types?

Here in the Comox Valley (van isl.) it is pretty rare to get more than a couple guys together for a decent game. so i was wondering does anybody have ideas for a small game type (4-5 people) that is either planned out and tactical or just random fun. Most of us have small, mp5 style guns with locap mags, so no sniping or anything of the sort.

Terrain types are fairly varied, so ill make a quick list
1. Fairly open forest with wood structures/cover built. Around 1-2 acres
2. Dense forest with stumps/large cedar tree as cover. Some natural trenches.
3. Above is adjacent to a steep bank going up around 30 meters at ~20-30 degree slope. Also has some tree patches/old stumps and a couple old well sites (nothing deep just test holes which have been mostly filled in but can be used as foxholes)

*We do own this property, and it is not near any roads/public areas. All owners of properties that lie alongside this acreage have been talked to and have no problem with what we are doing.
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