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Red face first guns

hi there well my first gun with shipping i got for 500 a good deal in my mind for a g36c with 4 mags, battery and charger front hand grip and silencer buying a second one for fiance to use as she love airsoft too mp5k with 2 batteries and small clip for 350 plus shipping 387 we both have helmets 28 each at cabelas were ordering two punisher style vests $40 us each from ehobby along with a folding stock about 70 us for the mpk and a box of 6 mp5 90 round clips looking at the mag brand for that at about 60 us plus shipping for all about who knows lol also getting a decent charger a b6 x-charger from for 120 can at we both have x-force paintball masks about 65 each in the process of making custom masks for us guessing about 150 to make the first one after all the mistakes maybe 200 second guessing 30 to 50 so as you can see for the two of us it is over $1000 each to get into the sport .. lol plus she wants two hand guns the same with 4 spare clips two each and i thought i was the crazy airsofter .. so as you can see it does cost .. and then repairs lol .. upgrades ..

i thought about the kraken and i stil plan on getting one and upgrading it with a metal body i have seen them at cabelas here in winnipeg and good deal the sig is good to seen people here playing with them .. well hope this helps oh and never over charge your battery .. peace through airsoft and paintball .. lol :infantry:
I play with guns and pretend to make war to remind myself and others how easy it is to die in real life, so I honour the sacrifice others make on our behalf even if I do not agree with the policies that send them where they go, so I work to bring them home so that no one may ever forget what was done this and every other day and not to be just swept away as many people wish it would stay.
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