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Welcome to ASC.
Good to see more people getting involved in airsoft.
Firstly, most members aren't fans of buyairsoft, they apparently have a bad rep with customer service, I'm sure many have had success with them, much like your friend, but all I've heard is negative feedback.
Airsoft in Canada is an expensive hobby as you will grow to learn more about and $160 really isn't much to start with. The rifle you provided in your link says 'out of stock eta 30 days' thats a big complaint that I've heard from buyairsoft. They don't seem to restock their guns, atleast not in the timeline promised.
I've never seen the gun you speak of but I think you'd be much better off investing into a Kraken(clear bodied AK47) or the Broxa Evolution(clear bodied MP5). Something with solid internals.
I'm unsure of the price for one of those but I think it would be close to your price range.
Best of luck.
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