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oooo The CP hate thread.

2 Weeks ago I had a shipment due to be delived to my house(Non-AS). I wake up around 0920 and checked the tracking number - said that delevery was attempted and slip was left on my door. This was dated at about 0800, so I went to the door to look and there was nothing. I had some stuff to do in town so I left home. When I got back - regular mail had not even been delivered yet. I knew this was a sign of trouble to come.

I took my laptop and a chair out to the porch and waited for the mail person to come by, hopeing to catch their attention and ask some questions. After getting sick of waiting I decided to go to the post office and ask wtf is going on. On my way down the drive I checked the mail box one last time to see if they had evevn come by to deliver normal mail, they had, and the attemped delivery slip was in my mailbox... and not on the door. Between the time I steped through 1 door to grab my keys, coat and boots they had delivered normal mail, not come up my drive AT ALL let alone knock on my door.

When I got to the post office the lady there said I had to come back at 1700 to pick of the package because it was still on the truck (it was 1500 at the time). I was pissed and just walked away with the number she provided me to call CP. I did.... fruitless attempt.

I went back at 1700 and the lady turnt arround and grabbed a package that was behind her when I went in at 1500 and handed it to me. It had been at the office THE WHOLE TIME. They didnt even ATTEMPT delivery. I was Furious.

I argued to the point that I got the full price of my express shipping back.

I hate CP SO much when this shit happens.... but they manage to get most of my parcels right.
lol usually when i come back i'm told 'sorry it hasn't been registered into the system yet, please come back tomorrow', when 90% of the time the fucking package is behind them grrrrrrrr.
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