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Unbelievable. I called Canada Post, who basically said... "Sorry, we can't do anything, call the guy in Hong Kong to send it to you again".

To which I responded... "WTF are you TALKING about???! So even if I manage to get someone to initiate a trace on the package, it's already in Canada... they're not going to resend a new box (of over $200 of merchandise) because Canada Post f@cked up. Get real."

"Sorry, sir-- but they actually paid for the shipping, even though you gave them the money for it, but we can't do anything for YOU. They can file a claim with their local post office, be reimbursed the cash and reship you the item if you so desire."

"So if they've already got my money, what's to stop them from saying 'GFYS' and not bothering to reship?"



OH MY GOD Canada Post are morons. I don't know when the term "going postal" meant to go nuts, and go on a killing spree... that would actually mean someone made a physical effort to do something. "Going Postal" should mean "falling asleep on the job" or something more appropriate.

Please note: this is NOT a rant against Ehobby Asia... they received my money and shipped the same day. Had Canada Post done their job correctly, I'd already be rocking my new gear.

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