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Originally Posted by bissa View Post
It may sound horrible, but I carry a BB bottle wih me in the feild and one 300 Rd TM high cap mag. I can get about 400 rounds out of a single wind. I dont do alot of moving, and when I do it is generally slow; any thime I am running, it probably means I dont care if I make alot of noise.
sound activated electric winding?

Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
hicaps go pkchhh pkchhh when you run
I got so much on my kit, it makes noise regardless if I have hicaps. lol

my main set of M4 mags are 110 - 130 rd midcaps. I also have a couple of 180 rd mags that are reliable down to the last 5 or so BB's. (short follower)
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