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I do agree that Canada Post can be lacking, but its the cheaper option compared to others. Delivery wise I used to have a shitty contractor, typical being at home all day, not even a door knock, then I get the tag saying undeliverable because I wasn't home.

The worst I've had was picking up a parcel from the post office (because apparently i wasn't home) then 4 weeks later while expecting a different package, getting a notification of failed delivery. I go to the post office, and guy tells me the package has already been picked up, by me. For some Godforsaken reason I got a notice 4 weeks after the first package was delivered. Stupid.

Contractor now is good, he said he came 3 times to my house, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and one last time before heading back to the post office to drop off the package. I gave him a firm handshake and some coffee for his efforts.

Also, theres quite a bit of Canada post rant threads around, is it possible to merge them all together?
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