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Originally Posted by Erennert View Post
You could just take some black duct tape and wrap it around some cord, shoelace, anything that would hold.
Get some para cord and some gun tape. Tie a knot in each end of the cord you attaching to the mag so it doesn't pull free of the gun tape. Had some on my Star mags like this for 2 years.

Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
Or even better, a box of 10 STAR mags for 30 USD, then use the rubber outer layer from wires and ductape. The STAR mags are plastic, but they are pretty durable, they can crack in winter, and is lighter, but internally, it feeds the same as a high priced metal mag.

I LOVE Star mags. Did exactly what you said and bought the box. At about $10 a piece, I am not afraid of losing them. Practically disposable (I have 15 left )

Have to watch it tho as they don't work on some guns with upgraded Hop Up units. The unit doesn't penetrate deep enough to release the BB's.

Mizfit's gun is like that, can only take good quality metal mags.
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