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Originally Posted by rabbit1397 View Post
I thought that if they had a license they could import it or something? You can select canada as a shipping place
The license is a Firearms Business License with a special provision for importing movie props. This is a very expensive and very difficult license to get and there are very few in Canada willing to use it to import airsoft guns.

As for shipping, of course you can select Canada as a shipping place. Once the company ships the gun, they don't give a shit. They have your money, why should they care if it gets siezed at the border? They don't lose anything.

The only way to get non-clear, high-end airsoft guns here in Canada is to wait until you are 18, meet with a rep, and get AV'd. Until then stick around and learn what you can, and save up. Airsoft IS NOT cheap (for an idea of the prices of guns in canada, take what it would cost in the USA and multiply it by about 2.5).

Originally Posted by rabbit1397 View Post
Is it against the rules to talk to people under 18 here? If so, I'm sorry. Would anyone know if you can get this gun anywhere in Canada?
Against the rules to talk? Not at all. By all means, feel free to stick around and ask questions and learn what you can.

However, the Airsoft Canada community does not support the aquisition of airsoft guns by those under the age of 18. I'm not saying you can't get them, but you're not going to find support for it on this forum.

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