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In my LBV-88 if you stack them opposite ends facing out (Ie, flared mag bottom facing down then insert the other one bottom facing up) you can barely squeeze two into a double M4 pouch, might just be my vest though.

I have mixed opinions on the AUG. It's a very nice gun. It takes down in seconds and packs down easily into a suitcase for easy transportation without people getting suspicious about what that bozo's doing with the rifle case.

It also features the dependable V3 mechbox, however mine (one of the first two CA's) were nearly impossible to get in and out of the body casing. I know TM's can just drop out once you remove the plate in the back, but mine and my friends were painful to get out to do repairs.

Another thing is if you have shorter arms (in my case), you may find it's a bit too 'long'. The big body and the elongated trigger guard meant that when I was firing it, I wasn't gripping the actual foregrip, but the trigger guard.

Another thing is if you like your hearing, the AUG is one of the more loud guns (especially the CA). It can be fixed, but right off the hop because your ear is right next to the motor, when you rattle away a whole mag, all I could hear was the whine of my gun.

And then there are some trifling issues; I personally blame it on being a first-run AUG, but there were issues with compression sealing and the stock CA hopup is almost total garbage (to the point where my stock TM P226 was outshooting it by far).

But on the positive; it's got a nice 509mm barrel, has some decent aesthetic upgrades, and if you shorty the gun, it makes it into an awesome CQB gun.

Just my opinion on the matter.
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