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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
hey crazy dudes and dudets!

I'm looking into getting myself a Aug, I like the look and it seems rather reliable.
only question i must pose is, what company seems to get the job done right? (price is not much of a issue)
I read a review just a little while ago pinning the jg aug against the ca aug, with almost $100 difference the jg (cheaper) performed better than the ca and is apparently easier to take apart. There were statements that the stock mag had the potential of being a lemon, loading wheel being done out of the box. I myself am doing all the research I can on augs cause I want an aug a3 really badly. Check youtube for review and to see it in action there's quite a few vids. if you're on facebook I'm in Ontario and just started the SCAA, simcoe county airsoft association, looking for members from all over our beautiful country.
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