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Originally Posted by EDWARD I. MAIDEN View Post
Hello to you TCSF-Bowers I'm grateful for the input but i have to apologize for my computer ignorance ...when I graduated high school computers were just being introduced at my school so I never got the chance to excell at it ..but I'm always willing to for what you suggested ..I have no idea what or how to do that ..sorry i'm trying to understand just how not to be computer iliterate
You can highlight the text, right click on it and click copy. Then later, in the new location where you want the text you can right click in the text field and click paste.
Also, instead of right clicking, etc. you can highlight the text, press CTRL+C the click in the new text field and hit CTRL+V on the keyboad.

As far as I know, bowers is not in the CF, he is a voluntary fire figher in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia

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