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Watch out, it looks like they are desperate to sell that can of oil to you...

Browse around on the forums and go to for some vids. I was unlucky to have my mechbox break, and therefore HAD to open it up. once you understand what actually goes on inside the mechbox, it's quite simple. Just requires a bit of patience. For inside the mechbox you will want to use a high quality silicone-based grease, such as Super Lube. But you don't need a ton of it. I don't think I even used any of the oil for the whole job. The oil is more what you use for GBB's and sticky mags.

check out the videos on for a V3 mechbox (which is the kind used in the 552). If it were my AEG, just shim it, grease it, and just replace parts when they either break or you want to enhance performance.
thanx for that ...very informative and i will check out the places you suggest ...i certainly need to know more!!....all i want to do is get it to 350fps and be able to take care of it.....i found the 2 pages at 858Airsoft on dismantling and installing the spring i think i will take some of the suggestions here and get a spring and the gears and shims and the new tight bore barrel to get it to 350fps....i will do that myself(i rewire guitars for a living on the weekends}....get a couple of new 8.4 1500mA NiMH far as the "SILICONE OIL" i use a drop every once in awile when i charge my mags with propane for my KSC M11A1 and the TM Glock26a ....but they say to use the "SILICONE SPRAY" to clean the barrel and a little squirt in the hop up , it helps to keep the bb's flying proper and increases the fps back to where it should be before it was dry and or dirty... i am not debating i am just trying to be informed ....and doing the research has given me youtube vids of people cleaning the barrel with silicone SPRAY to vendors selling it actual posts with detailed instructions on how to clean the barrel and the hop up with SILICONE LUBE SPRAY......again i look forward to suggestion for parts and what is and what is not necessary
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