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Originally Posted by Ktown Militia View Post
go to honk kong post and type in the tracking number. you will see when it left HK. You can track it on CP when it arrives in canada and gets reviewed by customs.

Im currently waiting on some stuff which I ordered on march 2, and it sat in the post office in HK till the 10th. Fuckin HK post. Then it will probably take another few days at customs and then get shipped to me.

all for a few pouches and headset.
Yup,did that all i get is this


To promptly retrieve the record of your item, please key in your Enquiry Reference Number (if available), for example, 05000123A:"

And on the CDN Site.

"Unfortunately we could not find your tracking number in our system.

* The information may not be available if your item was mailed recently. Our systems are updated daily.
* Please make sure you enter your tracking number exactly as it appears on your envelope, label, or receipt.
* Please make sure you entered your tracking number, not your delivery notice card number OR reference number. Click on the corresponding tabs to search using those numbers. See link below, in Using Track, for tracking number formats.
* Request Delivery Updates by email.
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