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[QUOTE=kalnaren;937542]Not necessary.

For that few rounds, not really, especially not with a TM. Generally I like to open the mechbox every 10,000 rounds or so and check for wear and tear on components like the tappet plate and piston.

From Shorty airsoft....this is why i asked the question ...just wondering why some say its necessary and some say no

100% silicone lube (50ml)
Even though the label says it is for use in gas guns this lube will work on any type of airsoft gun. Spring, gas or electric.
Decals on can may vary
Made just for airsoft guns
Your gun will last longer if it is properly maintained. You should lubricate your spring or electric airsoft gun every 3,000 to 6,000 shots. Gas guns should be lubricated every 1,000 to 3,000 shots depending on the gun and type of BB being used.
Sometimes new guns may need to be lubricated initially to ensure proper functioning
Airsoft lube will fix 90% of the problems you may encounter with your airsoft gun. It may make the gun shoot poorly the first 100 rounds or so after spraying in the barrel, you may wipe the barrel with a swab to take away excess lube
On rifles spray into the gun through the feed tube in the magazine well, with the magazine out of the gun
A short burst of Airsoft Gun Lube down the barrel of your airsoft gun reduces friction in the chamber and keeps the gun from jamming. The lube can also increase your guns muzzle velocity by 50-80 fps (varies per model).

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