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Well i dug out my receipt and i guess its 5 years old ..i got the sig in march of 2004 ...seems to work great ...i usually get it out a couple a times a year and run a clip or 2 through it jamming ...seems to chuck the bbs as far as it ever not sure how to check compression.....i guess i better google what shimming is to Airsoft.......i know i am new here and i dont want or need to be flamed .....i just like getting answers from qualified players ...alot of stuff you read is BS and i am 40 years old dont need that hahaha....also i really want to get a group going for the Amherst Nova Scotia area and need a few seasoned veterans....i have had my 3 guns and camo gear for 5 years and not 1 game hahahaha i guess i am ready!....
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