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Originally Posted by Ktown Militia View Post
is that because of trades?
No, it's because that item is prohibited. The part that carries the serial number on the real thing is considered "the receiver" in Canada. In Canada, the receiver IS a firearm and is a controlled item.

So if you bring in an airsoft receiver, even a plastic one without trademarks, it will be considered as bringing in a replica firearm, which is strictly prohibited. That's why we can't get metal bodies. It's not because it's metal. It's not because there's trademarks. It's because it's a replica firearm.

Originally Posted by zone 69 View Post
Just the slide would be OK right?? Dose any one have a link to a TM 1911a1 ABS slide for sale alone with out the frame.
Technically, yes. It won't stop customs from seizing it anyways. Although, you can go through the appeal process if it does get seized initially.

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