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I've had limited hands-on time with the TM and never got to give them a side-by-side review. I remember the TM looking great, but being very lightweight and really feeling like a toy (which it is, technically). The E1 feels much more substantial. And of course, it performs a hell of a lot better out of the box too. And this thing is a tack driver too. It's completely stock, and this is the result I got out of a test fire. Stray shots are due to my shooting rather than the gun itself. This was done shooting with the gun shouldered, not benched.

The only problem I've had is that the cutoff lever failed shortly after getting it, so not it's auto-only. Otherwise it's been problem free. It's been gamed once, and about to be gamed again this coming weekend. I'm very, very happy with it. If you can live without the official FN trademarks, you won't regret this gun.
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