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Wow... Nice necropost divigarrett. The info in here was pretty much outdated and you felt the need to revive a 2 year old thread with useless info about a piece of crap gun that will get you laughed off the field. Just a tip - read more, post less.

Now that this thread has been revived, there are now real alternatives to the TM P90. The TM now sells in the $600-ish range, and that's for a used gun, as new ones are hard to come by. Echo 1 and Classic Army both make a P90 now are reasonable prices around $350.

The CA is from their Sportsline series. It's mostly plastic just like the TM. It's their lower line of product and not from their regular high end line. That being said, it's getting good reviews.

IMO, the Echo 1 E90 is the only real choice, and IMO, kicks the snot out of even the TM. Its metal upper makes it worth it, as well as it's reinforced 7mm bushing gearbox and reinforced internals. The only place it's lagging behind is trademarks. For some people (like myself), that's not an issue. For others, they cannot forgive the lack of official trades.
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