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Originally Posted by lenny View Post
1.i havent sprayed silicone into the barrel yet ..i have read that this needs to be done ?....true /false is it done
Not necessary.
2. is there any maintenance that i should be aware of (like the silicone thing)
For that few rounds, not really, especially not with a TM. Generally I like to open the mechbox every 10,000 rounds or so and check for wear and tear on components like the tappet plate and piston.
3. it shoots around 285 fps what is needed and where can i get the parts and mods done to make it around 325 fps
thanx in advanceopcorn:
For 325, an M90 spring, tightbore, piston head, cylinder head, nozzel, bearing spring guide, and metal bushings.

Though if you didn't want to do all that, just an M90 or M100 spring (you'll have to confirm that with someone else.. not sure what those shoot at), metal bushings, and a bearing spring guide should do it.

For a 7 year old AEG I would also be tempted to check the rubber components like the O-rings around the piston and cylinder head as well as the hop-up rubber to make sure they're still in good condition.

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