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check out the event forums. there will always be summer games scheduled for you to either check out or join. I can't say for certain about BC, but in Ontario for a minor to play, a legal guardian must be present to sign your waiver as well as be responsible for you. Get one of your parents interested in the sport and shoot side by side with them. Family bonding. Can it get any better?
Ive tried getting my parents involved... Well Kinda My parents are divorced, and I live with my mom, she thinks it's kiinda dumb. As for my dad, I don't talk to him very often, because I don't get along very well with him. I ussualy end up arguing with him when I talk to him. But it could be worth a try to give him a call and see what he thinks.
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What's a hippy redneck? A pot-smoking-sandal-wearing-longhair-femininst-gunowner with a pickup truck and like to nail his sister?
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