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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post

NEVER drain a laptop battery to dead, or at least don't do it very often. Laptops use Lithium batteries. It's very bad for them to drain them all the way.
Agreed. Lithium batteries, more specifically lithium ion batteries, like to be topped up all the time. This goes for not only laptops but cellphones and iPods etc. I've seen people running to get a new battery because the current battery life has significantly decreases. My current cell phone is charged every night as is my iPod. The cell phone still gives me the same battery life as it did 3 years ago when I got it.

Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
Ok... so I played a good four hours the other day which was the first time I played on this battery. I seem to still have a lot of juice left, so how do I drain it beside the obvious way? KND, you mentioned a smart charger... they easy to find?
for now, don't worry about draining it. just use it until it doesn't cycle your AEG. In the event you are going to a game, just charge it up.

With most new batteries, it's battery life potential will not be fully achieved until it's been cycled a few times, but it will not hurt it to use it as normal. There is just a small chance that it will deplete itself a little sooner then it should. This is normal.
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