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Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
Ok... so I played a good four hours the other day which was the first time I played on this battery. I seem to still have a lot of juice left, so how do I drain it beside the obvious way? KND, you mentioned a smart charger... they easy to find?
Don't bother draining it. There is NO need to do this every time you charge a Ni-Cad. Once every 5-10 charges is fine, or you can get something like the NPT charger from BB bastard and it does just as well. Completely draining a Ni-Cad battery every time you charge it will shorten the life of the battery.*

*Draining from normal use won't hurt, since your AEG won't drain it to dead (0.9v-1.0v per cell). Using a discharger every time WILL hurt it in the long run.

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