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Originally Posted by vandal138 View Post
Have any of you actually build a custom gun from scratch? I mean by getting the internals and making the body using old toys and custom built parts.
I think this would be a fun project, and being new to this game it looks almost simple. As far as I can see I need a gearbox (with batteries) , hop up unit, magazine and metal barrel. I haven't taken apart any of my guns, but I figure the BBs from the magazine gets fed into the hop up, which gets shot out by the gearbox.
Everything else on the outside would just be there to hold the internal parts. Is it really this simple or am I missing some important little parts that make the gun work?
i only know of 1 man who did it

but i think what he did is he took a bunch or armalite parts and made something out if it.
also he has a machine shop to make all his custom parts :P

here is a link on how to take apart guns and mechboxes

here is a link on how mechbox works ETC

it shows you most of the inner workings of guns ETC

hope that helps you out

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