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Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
Quick question about battery care: After you charge it up the first time (it was plugged in for 14 hours or something like that) should I use it till its completely dead before I charge it up again? I have run into problems with this with my laptop battery and wondering if the same applies to Airsoft batteries.

BTW its a NiCad.... (are they all Nicad?)

-NiCad need to use properly in order to maintain their long last life of usage
You need a proper charger which has discharge function which can be discharge first the charge the battery also those battery are pretty good in winter and will last longer than Nimah battery.

-NiMh battery turn to be a good battery for airsoft because you don't need to discharge it before you charge so you can charge it anytime you want but still you need a properly charger, not just wall charger come with the gun, those are garbage. That's the first that I will throw away when I bought new gun. Smart charger is your best choice, low price and can charge both Nicad and Nimh.

For myself, since I change to Lipo battery ( Lithium Polymer battery ), I never tend to go back to those two above.

Most of people will ask you to stay away from Lipo is because of the video on the youtube but still there are only like 22 case of Lipo explode until now.

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