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Originally Posted by Capt.erHead View Post
Sorry I wasn't being clear...I was talking about the importation and retailing of airsoft that are NOT CLEAR but are simply in the fps 'window'.
Well, this is the issue. Peter Kang did go through the effort of having guns made that fall within the window (G&P) and he had them shipped in plain boxes (no fps or other writing other than make and model) and as well no manual. Only bonded paper from G&P stating the guns had a velocity of 450fps or something like that (I don't remember precisely and I don't have one anymore). He got those in fine, but got greedy, and started doing it with Marui. Pretty hard to argue a gun shoots 450 fps when the box says 90 m/s.

Importing non-clear guns is legal, if you have the right paperwork. Transferring them is not legal, and possession is sketchy as well (onus is on the owner to prove when he got it).

But these are not really offences you are going to get arrested over, unless you are pinched selling dozens and hundreds of them, like Spec-Arms or other retailers who "retired", either voluntarily or not.
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