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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I'm a bit confused by KND's comment, since I haven't actually seen a lot of G&Ps in Canada in proportion to other brands. There are G&Ps available in the classifieds, but they certainly aren't among the most common.

You're going to have to search the classifieds the old fashioned way. If the search engines didn't recognize your three letter search, it ain't going to recognize our searches any better.
My bad, Just go to Amos's thread and found out that he already sold all his G&P so yes, it's quite not common now. but still I don't know why but most of the time, I start building a new gun, G&P gun parts always come by with somehow reason because maybe it just wants to burn my pocket very quickly

Still if you really want to acquire G&P, you might want to PM a few retailer on AV retail thread to bring them for you or maybe building from scratch. PM me, then I will get you start since I already have my own plan for next toy but just a matter lacking of cash now so I gave up but project still in my mind so maybe I can help you to start with.

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