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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
good point. i can see (if i squint) where the crown is comeing from and their side of the argument, and technically they are right. had will been able to provide evidence of due diligence on where these had gone (if he had kept records of who he sold them to, proof they were over 18 and were verifyed) i believe it very much may have helped him out. unfortunatly noone had the for sight to predict the need for that and sadly someone had to pay the price for the rest of the retailer to learn that lesson. will did make a last ditch attempt to come up with some of that information, but unfortunatly to no avail.
The law is all about technically. it has to be or you get judgements on warm fuzzies and that just doesn't work... I do remember an incident of another retailer selling at flea markets in Vancouver, how that promotes the airsoft community is beyond me. And a business like that should be able to account for all it's sales, otherwise it looks really shady.
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