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not many people use the AUG and some parts are pretty hard to come by.
I suggest you get 2

my TM shorty was a killing machine right out of the box.
However I'm working on a CA aug right now and the mechbox is so badly molded...
other parts are pre-upgraded with CA, you get a metal spring guide, metal bushings, good gears, good motor.

but TM is good too, I'd go TM+upgrades if you don't mind it being a civilian A2 ver.

the AUG mags are usable in any M4 gear, safety can be switched leftie...

the AUG doesn't have a selector plate so that is not going to break.
you can interchange barrels in 2 seconds with their system.

the AUG hates being dropped on the butt or nose, the internal buttplate screws are prone to breaking - check it when buying used !

Also the internal magwell is plastic, careless user can break it and then it misfeeds- check it when buying used !

also with this AEG, the room for the battery is limited so it's difficult to go above 2500 mAh unless you add some ugly external appendage.

being under your arm, the battery stays warm in the winter.

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I'm torn about the AUG. I have one that's been offered to me in a trade deal, but not sure I'd actually use it. I've tried them, think they look sexy as hell, but I think the mags are annoying to deal with and I'm not sure it's a gun I'd get good use out of. But man, that thing would look sexy as hell on my wall...
mags take some training, especially because you can't hold two at the same time in one hand (unless you have pretty big hands) so you have to remove the mag, dump it, and then take another and load, whereas with an m4 or mp5 I'd take a mag, remove and reload with the same hand, and then dump.

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