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Originally Posted by bleaches View Post
thats great then for people wishing to run the bushing option. it looks like then it will fit it no problemo good luck gents.

as for the links :
Nova Recoil Spring Plug - Type 2 - for Marui 1911A1 (Stainless)

Nova Recoil Spring Guide for Marui 1911A1 (Stainless)

Airsoft Surgeon Marui Hi-Cap 5.1 & 1911 Upgrade Combo (140%)

Shooters Design 5 Inch Steel Outer Barrel V12 For Marui Hi Capa 5.1

Shooters Design Steel Chamber (Hybrid Cal.45) For Marui Hi Capa 5.1 Government (Silver)
damn, none of those shooter Design steel chamber are in stock. I really hate Redwolf the way like that and plus I hate order from WGC and Uncompany.

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