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Now many of you who have questions as to what will fit the WE Wilson Combat or 1911s alike will have answers to at least "some" of your questions.

iv upgraded my Wilson combat with the SD bull barrel and hybrid Chamber(i dun like the wilson combat one that much) both for Marui hi-capas.

and as you can also see above there's the Nova spring guide and plug in there as well as the airsoft surgeon 140%(?) spring. The spring BTW fixes 80%-90% of the wobble found on most WE 1911s.

now the big question that we have been debating about is whether or not the nova stuff will fit the WE fine. the answer is YES. BUT theres a catch. it seems like WE made the slide a shy bit too short so that the barrel + spring cap + guide rod sticks out 1mm too much

Now for those of you like me who dun really runs as a great system even with it protruding a tiny bit like so

i love this barrel + chamber setup.

Now, with people that want to retain the authentic 1911 style with the bushing and all that it is a tough question as to whether or not the Nova spring plug for the 1911 with bushing will protrude like mine here because of the possibly shortened slide. if anyone also has a marui Hi-capa and can measure the length of the slide thad be great. because if it sticks out the bushing will simply not fit watsoever. so if you are planning to run that setup make sure you get measurements from the shop you are ordering from be4 you dive in.

on a side note. WA bushing SHOULD fit this fine. (not 100% sure)

Next upgrade on the list would be NIGHTHAWK custom desert gulfball denty looking grips. + maybe Hi-capa kimber slide to test if it will fit right
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