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TSD L96 clone disassembly should be the same as the Mauser clone? I'm referring to this vid:


I just disassembled my TSD and it's pretty much the same.
However, when I put the gun back together I found that it was actually more accurate than before it was disassembled! Before, I used to consistently get 1" to 1.5" groupings from about 40'. Now i'm consistently getting 0.5" to 1" groupings from the same distance. Weird.
Here's what i did:
-took barrel and receiver off stock
-took trigger system off
-took out bolt assembly
-took out cylinder
-put the cylinder (and everything else) back in place

I didn't touch the inner barrel and i didn't unscrew the outer from the receiver (i'm still having trouble taking off the orange muzzle tip).

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