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Originally Posted by cerealmaniac View Post
glad i didn't buy that G3 off him. Sounded like a good deal but hes always busy. Anyways good luck on ur situation
Cereal... just a suggestion.
I live in the U.S. and I'm a manufacturer... I'm never going to consider buying anything restricted/airsoft from Canada and having it shipped down, wouldn't make sense. I can get it usually from the manufacturer or an importer/distributor pretty cheap and directly, for some things simply by asking nice... and I'm contractually forbidden to sell our current products directly here in Canada even though they are not restricted, because we have a LEO/MIL distributor with exclusive rights that does that.

As a consequence you'll never see me doing either buying or selling here. I have people for that.

In my case it will probably be of small concern that getting AV'd isn't a major priority for me until I make it up there and can do it as an incidental activity.

You however should be, in my humble opinion, cognizant of the discomfort postings like this might arouse in the ASC staff. You are not AV'd... Whether you are over 18 or not, the appearance is that you could be a minor discussing purchase of items that are restricted for purchase in Canada on a Canadian forum.

Down here, folks in the States, would disapprove of a minor making purchase in a forum, but a "tisk tisk" on most forums would be about as far as it would go.
You are presenting ASC with a potential problem, even if you are in fact 18+, simply by the way this appears, and their responsibility to the ASC community to prevent even the appearance of impropriety.
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