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Originally Posted by Toymaker View Post
An airsoft "suppressor" is not much more than a decoration. If it actually reduces sound level it can create a lot of unintended problems... at least down here in the States it can get you seriously arrested unless there is no imaginable way to make it functional with RS...

The easiest way to make sure it can't function with RS is to make it part of the inner barrel. If you would have to cut it up and re-manufacture it to make it work with RS then it will probably pass... and then again if you ask two different people in LE about this, you will likely get three answers. The subject has lots of politics and interpretation to it. Besides, it can give you the opportunity to use a longer inner barrel while making it look like a can.
Not really a huge issue up here. We can't legally manufacture them but I haven't heard of anyone getting in shit for having one on their airsoft gun.

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