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Ahh, I should have posted a bit differently. These are things I would want to have at home or in my vehicle at the game. May not put most of it in my pack. I'm just wondering for anything from a Milsim to a Skirmish, what gear might I need.

The things I mentioned that I needed were things I would like to have. Most won't go in my pack, especially if its not a Milsim.

I'd like the watch either way, good to know the time. I'm not sure, but we may be needing to do some time specific things during the 'Boot Camp'. Aswell as knowing when a game/event will end.

The compass may not be useful like you said, but I would like to have it. I don't know whats coming during a milsim/the 'Bootcamp'. And I'd like to try and have a few things like that. I'll have a 'butpack' on my rig, if needed so I'll have some room.

And a Leatherman was what I was planning to bring, if its allowed. I have one around... Just need to find it.

I had no clue about binocs though. I'll have to remember that.

Paracord would be another just incase. I wouldn't bring alot, more like a handful. It may be useful at the 'Boot camp'. Generally, if anything needs it. Or someone/me has gear troubles. Nothing fastens gear like some paracord (I suppose) ... I guess I'll find out.

Yea ductape would probably be better, I just would like to bring electrical tape because I can bring a very small roll. Alot less weight.

I haven't yet experienced what you said, but I'll take that into consideration. As I said, most/if not all of this stuff is just to take to the game incase. Probably won't find its way into my pack, unless its a Milsim. And I'd like to have alot of this stuff at home beforehand, so I don't need to go get it if its likely to be useful/needed.

Thanks alot for the info!

Soo... With that said, anything else you/anyone can think of? Or comments?
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