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Originally Posted by Fiya View Post
I need some kind of watch, a compass, a new speedloader or 2, a canteen/hydration, (Which I will be ordering) a Swiss Army knife or equivalent small bladed knife, a kill rag and perhaps binocs. Maybe some paracord and/or electrical tape? Small notebook/paper and pencil I think too, but those are easy to get.
Holy excess weight, Batman!

Watch is only moderately useful.

Compass, unless you're been issued a map... and even then, airsoft doesn't usually span that great a distance you can't use visual references. The only time you need it is games that specifically require land navigation (like cache hunting)

Swiss Army Knife... I keep mine in the first aid kit. On my gear I prefer a Leatherman style multitool. Pliers and screwdrivers (it's airsoft: you'll be happy you have that sooner or later), a straight blade and a serrated edged one, small saw and can opener if you wanna go camping with it someday.

Most binocs generally don't work with goggles on, not enough eye relief.

Paracord... you plan on weaving bracelets while you're waiting to respawn? Unless you're doing some long game where you're putting up shelters in the base camp or something, you probably won't need it.

Electrical tape... duct tape's better, and again, you probably won't need it (unless its raining and your poncho gets torn or something).

When you're hot and you start getting tired, especially in rough terrain, every extra ounce you carry starts feeling like an extra pound, so do yourself a favor and travel light.
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