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I've done some looking (In many places, everywhere from the classifieds to Russian websites ) and have decided to go with an OD SMERSH Rig. Russian modular tac gear. This will help me eventually set up a more modern Russian loadout aswell.

It will be either that or a GRAD-2 assault vest.

Thanks for all the replies.

Not going for ACU, btw. I'd like to stay away from 'Digital' Camo of any sort... Unless its Beryozka/Berezka (I don't understand the difference in terms... Both seem like generally the same.)

One last *random* question. What do you recommend I acquire for other misc gear? I will be going to 2 games fairly soon and would like to get gear for it all in one batch. One is Sask's 'boot camp'. (A milsim'ish training 'exercise'. Or at least that's what I believe it to be so far.) While the other is the game in Claybank.

As of now I have my CA SLR 105, 5 midcap (90 rnd) mags, my OD BDU, surplus boots, bandana for headgear, knee and elbowpads, (Although I think I'm only going to be wearing the kneepads, as the elbow pads aren't very comfortable in a shooting stance) mesh goggles, (I'm going to need some actual goggles, because mesh isn't allowed at the Claybank game) and I think thats it...

I need some kind of watch, a compass, a new speedloader or 2, a canteen/hydration, (Which I will be ordering) a Swiss Army knife or equivalent small bladed knife, a kill rag and perhaps binocs. Maybe some paracord and/or electrical tape? Small notebook/paper and pencil I think too, but those are easy to get.

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