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I've played nothing but outdoors in my first year of airsoft. Our playing fields in kelowna are on crown land with tons of area to cover. I learned quickly about how to use your camouflage in certain areas of the forest terrain.

In Penticton (Hardcorps field, check the games, and future vids on zombie missions on youtube), where a good 2/3 of the playing area is CQB in a man made village. It has the same feel as indoor, but you are able to flank on hillsides or deep grass swamps.

Personally, outdoors is where its at. It requires lots of tactical teamwork and communication to achieve victory or complete a mission.

I have had kills from at least 150ft, so ignore the fact that it is impossible or difficult to get a kill from 50ft+. Your AEG is just a tool, being a smart and patient player has the same rewards as having a stock gun compared to an upgraded AEG. Some AEGs are extremely accurate when properly tuned and used by experienced airsofters, but once again, the skill level and experience plays a major role in succeding in airsoft.

We maintain a 10ft mercy rule for any bb gun, and prohibit sniper rifles with 430fps+ to a safe distance for kills. Otherwise its their sidearm or secondary.

In conclusion, you have to experience both to respect their difference in playing styles for the required situation. And then you can decide for yourself which is more enjoyable to you. But I guarantee that you will enjoy both!

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