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Ok, aside from the fact this very question is addressed in the FAQ, importing the overwhelming majority of the AEG's used for airsoft and attempting to "register" them as "firearms" would be impossible for almost anyone here (providing you could register them). They fire fullauto. This feature was prohibited in Canada in 1977 and no one who isn't already in that prohib group can aquire them. Oh, yeah and your magazines would have to be pinned to 5 bb's. Oh, yeah, if it fires fullauto, you can't shoot it anywhere either.

Airsoft is not addressed per sae in the Firearms Act. They are legal and not at the same time. Ours is not the only area of the Act that is confusing, contradictory and difficult to interperate. There have been several court cases, many involving the prohib classes of firearms, where justices have stated, on record, how conveluted the Act is. If/when Bill 301 is passed, it will hopefully be the beginning of undoing this pile of donkey dung, aka Bill 68, and reform it into something that works, hopefully with airsoft included and accessable with some restrictions.

Until then, if you make the choice to attempt import on your own without proper permits, I hope you have deep pockets and a good lawyer.
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